As a seasoned competitor in Tae Kwon Do, I use Recharge Vibrations throughout my training and competition to stay in Peak shape!

I use the Altitude Vibration to keep up endurance and stamina in my fights!

The Recharge Vibrations have played a vital role in my training and competition!  I use the HC Vibrations to help speed up my recovery; especially to reduce soreness – so I get right back to practice!  I have been enjoying them!                                                                           -Nathan V. – North Vernon, IN – Nationally Ranked Competitor


Great product and very versatile!  I have been using it for almost 4 years.  When I go out for a run, or do weight training, I use Ephedra on my knees and/or sore muscles when I’m finished.

If I’m feeling a little down ,  I use Good Vibrations.  If my mind is racing and being reactive instead of proactive, I use Shungite and Grounding next to the heart; these are also good first thing in the morning or before bed.   And of Course, Youth, Youth, Youth!


The Vibrations have so many applications.  I even use them on my 99 year old mother.  During the Flu season, I use the Flown Vibration on her every day to ward off the Flu.  About a year and a half ago she was having stomach issues so I used the HC Vibration for her nausea.  She got relief even time!

I am currently treating her with  8 different Vibrations.   It works great for us and it’s so simple to use!

– Kenny W. Cincinnati, OH –

I use the HC Vibration in my massage practice to release tension from Clients before and while I work on them.  HC helps me digest better by taking inflammation out of my digestive system and it makes me feel lighter.  I’ve used HC for dental pain with Good Vibrations.

I love Ephedra to relieve inflammation and relieve allergic reactions!  Recently, my face, and eyes swelled and my throat tightened from food allergies.  I played Ephedra immediately and the swelling went out of my face!

My family uses Flown Vibration for infection.  My daughter loves Flown for cold sores.  We use the Shungite Vibration for jet-lag.  I use the Clear Vibration for female issues and to cleanse the environment in the house.  We all use the Silver Vibration for a variety of infections.

My parents, who are dog breeders, have blue tooth in their kennel to use the Vibrational Silver audios for their dogs!

One of our family members has an incredibly stressful job.  While strokes, heart attaches, and other stress related illness plague his co-workers, He is doing very well amidst all this stress!  He plays Vibrational Silver audios everyday and his capacity to handle stress has greatly improved!  Our family is saving a lot of money as our herb/supplement use has gone way, way down!

-Kristi V. – North Vernon, IN – LMT –