The great thinkers of our time describe everything as vibration.

Vibrational Silver

Has been engineered to work like an App for the human body!™ Utilizing the principles and theories of Quantum Mechanics , Quantum Entanglement and Homeopathy, the sterling silver in the Vibrational Silver™ Anklet has been first initialized and then exposed to the vibrations of over 100 herbs and other substances historically believed beneficial for the human body .

The Anklet stays cutting edge as it receives a vibrational Audio from the website! (much like updating an App on your smart phone) The Audio can also be used without the Anklet for a less intense experience.

The Audio is intended to re-expose and reinforce the original vibrational charge and includes all the new research and development!

“…Luckily for quantum physicists, you don’t always need to explain a phenomenon in order to use it. Ancient humans didn’t know about friction before inventing the wheel; doctors in medieval china didn’t know about antibodies when they began inoculating people against smallpox 600 years ago.” —The Washington Post article, Quantum Entanglement – Science’s ‘Spookiest’ phenomenon, achieved in Space; by Sarah Kaplan

Because it functions Like an App for the Body™, Vibrational Silver™ offers some exciting advantages:


Even though Vibrational Silver™ has been exposed to the vibration of multiple, expensive, herbs and substances, it is not a supplement; therefore, it is not cumbersome to use like taking supplements!


Vibrational Silver™ is extremely cost effective when compared with the cost of taking expensive herbal supplements!


The continued availability of everything needed to make Vibrational Silver™ is readily available and “green”!

Just wear the Anklet on your left ankle and recharge it on the website. It’s that simple!

Vibrational Silver™ indicates the silver that the Vibrational Silver Company has processed with our trade secret process.